New Skills List

Attractiveness Skills

Personal Grooming Wardrobe & Style

Body Skills

Climbing (see new skill description, below) (Endurance, moved to Cool skills) Strength Feat Swimming Throwing (see new skill description, below)

Cool Skills

Endurance (Moved from Body because Endurance is an act of willpower.) Interrogation Intimidate Oratory Resist Torture/Drugs Streetwise

Empathy Skills

Acting (split out from Perform) Human Perception Interview Leadership (Perform, now split out into Acting and Singing, plus see comments below) Persuasion/Lie Seduction (In cases where the referee feels it is appropriate, the average of Empathy and Attractiveness may be used for the skill roll, round up.) Singing (split out from Perform) Social

Intelligence Skills

Accounting (Anthropology, now included under Science) Awareness Braindance Use (see my Overlooked Skills article) (Botany, now included under Science) (Chemistry, now included under Science) Composition Corporate Policy (see my Overlooked Skills article) Culture: specify (see my Overlooked Skills article) Diagnose Illness Education & General Knowledge Evade/Track (This replaces both Hide/Evade & Shadow/Track, which are too similar to be different skills, and were one skill in the first edition.) Expert: specify (see my Overlooked Skills article) (Geology, now included under Science) (Hide/Evade, now included in Evade/Track) History Language Mathematics (Physics, now included under Science) Programming Science: specify (Anthropology, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Physics, Zoology, etc.) (Shadow/Track, now included in Evade/Track) Stock Market System Knowledge Teaching Wilderness Survival (Zoology, now included under Science) Reflex Skills

Acrobatics (see new skill description, below) Archery (Athletics, moved to Floating Skills) Autoweapons (see new skill description, below) Brawling Dance Dodge & Escape (this skill is included in Brawling and Martial Arts but not Melee skills) Drive (Fencing, now included under Melee: specify weapon) Handgun Heavy Weapons Martial Arts:specify type (see Pacific Rim Sourcebook for a detailed Martial Arts system) Melee:specify weapon (see description below) Motorcycle Operate Heavy Machinery (this includes driving tracked vehicles, see my Overlooked Skills article) Pick Pocket (was listed under Intelligence, but this is really a coordination skill) Pilot Aerodyne Pilot Dirigible Pilot Fixed Wing Rifle (includes autorifles) Sleight Of Hand (see new skill description, below) SMG (the Autoweapons skill includes SMG) Stealth Technical Skills

AV Tech (under Tech) Basic Tech (under Tech) Cyberdeck Design (under Tech as Cyberdeck) CyberTech Demolitions Disguise Electronic Security (under Tech as Security) Electronics First Aid Forgery Gyro Tech (under Tech) Mix/Edit (see new skill description, below) Paint/Draw Pharmaceuticals Photo/Film Pick Lock (included in Tech: Security) Play Instrument Tech: specify (Aero, AV, Auto, Basic, Cyberdeck, Cyber, Gyro, Security, Weapon) WeaponTech (under Tech)

New Skills List

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