2) Nomad pack; both parents are living; family status in danger and you risk losing everything (if you haven’t already); you are the inheritor of a family debt, you must honor this debt before moving on with your life; childhood in a nomad pack moving from town to town; one sibling, female, younger, she dislikes you

3) Moody, rash, and headstrong; value a personal hero most; value honesty most; every person is a valuable individual; your most valued possession is a weapon

4) 26 years old; 16 – Happy love affair. 17 – You get lucky, big score on a job or deal, +$800. 18 – Happy love affair. 19 – Friend, male, an old enemy. 20 – You get lucky, find a Sensei (teacher) Begin at +2 or add +1 to a Martial Arts Skill of your choice. 21 – Nothing happened. 22 – Nothing happened. 23 – You get lucky, financial windfall, +$900. 24 – Happy love affair. 25 – Happy love affair.



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